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Welcome to

This web site is the online version of Cult Pop, a show that examines our current pop culture. Cult Pop is produced in the Downriver area, just south of Detroit, Michigan. It airs on Comcast Cablevision (channel 20) and is seen in 25 cities in southeastern Michigan. Click on any of the shows below to watch that particular episode.
Another new look for Cult Pop! We have been busy making the shows available on smart phones and tablets. NOTE: 3G and 4G users - be aware that the videos are very large and may impact your data usage. IE users: be sure to allow ActiveX content if asked....

In other news, Cult Pop now has a Facebook page. Please check it out and "like" us either here or there.

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Good News Everyone! CultPop is now on YouTube! All further episodes will be available on the CultPop channel - CultPopShow.

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New! 16-Aug-2017 - Jim Hall visits with Steve Overstreet, a member of the board of directors of the Redford Theater. The theater was opened in 1928 and had a Japanese theme. Jim and Steve discuss the early history and what took place before and during WWII. Steve tells an interesting story about how the Motor City Theatre Organ Society's role in saving the theater. They also touch on the restoration efforts and the "Redford Theater" experience.

18-Dec-2016 - Cult Pop 68, Jim Hall and CultPop are closing out the year with the second installment of the shows shot at the spring Motor City Nightmares. Jim starts with friend of the show, Lew Temple. We talked with him back in 2014 and since then he has been very busy. Known for his appearances in "Devil's Rejects" and "Walking Dead" Lew has a slew of new movies and television. He appears in the TV show "Longmire" now available on Netflix. This year he was in "31". directed by Rob Zombie, and Cut Off. Next year he is in "Kidnap" along with Holly Barry. The movie Desierto is currently stalled, but should be out soon. This guy needs to take a break! The two of them make for a very interesting interview.

Next Jim and Caroline Williams discuss her acting career. Including her rolls in "Texas Chain Saw Massacre II", "Hatchet III", and "Tales of Halloween". Check out what she is up to on Facebook, on Twitter @WilliCaroline, and on Instagram willicaroline.

Lastly Tod Brunswick and Jim talk about the the spring 2016 show, and what is coming up in the future.

22-Aug-2016 - Cult Pop 67, Jim Hall is at the spring Motor City Nightmares. In the first show Jim starts with Lloyd Kaufman President & Co-Founder of Troma Entertainment and movie star the Toxic Avenger. The two of them make for a very interesting interview.

Next is Boyd Banks who stared in the 2004 version of "Dawn Of The Dead". They talk about that movie and what Boyd has upcoming.

02-May-2016 - Cult Pop 66, Jim Hall and the Cult Pop crew go to the Willow Run Airport in Belleville Michigan to visit with Kevin Walsh, the Executive Director of the Yankee Air Museum. Kevin discusses some of the exhibits how they benifit STEM. He also mentions a new airshow attraction, "Wild Wednesday at Willow Run",that is going to be held on Wednesday, June 22nd of this year. This is in additon to the "Thunder Over Michigan" show on August 20 and 21. We also get an update on the new digs for the museum, a portion of the historic Ford Bomber Plant, where over 8000 B-24 bombers were built during WWII. They finish up with a look at the new direction and name of the museum, "National Museum of Aviation and Technology at Historic Willow Run". The museum is a must see for anyone interested in aviation and technology. And as an added bonus, rides are available on the museum's flyable aircraft, WWII B-17 and B-25 bombers, WWII C-47 transport, and an open cockpit bipane!

18-Jan-2016 - Cult Pop 65, Cult Pop welcomes the new year with the final show we shot at the the 2015 Fall Motor City Nightmares. We start with actor/writer Todd Farmer. Todd tells Jim about his work on "Drive Angry" , and the challenges involved in shooting in 3D for "My Bloody Valentine". Check him out on Twitter.

Last, but not least for the MCN interviews, we have Tom Atkins They discuss Tom's iconic rolls in "Halloween III" , "Escape From New York" , "The Fog" , and "Night Of The Creeps". Just too many to mention here. This man has had an amazingly prolific carreer!

13-Dec-2015 - Cult Pop 64, The last show of the year is a good one. Once again we have interviews from the 2015 Fall Motor City Nightmares. First, actor Fred "The Hammer" Williamson tells Jim about his football career and how he got into acting. He also states that he has little to do with social media, so if you wish to find out more about him try his Wikipedia page or his IMDB listing.

Next we have Jordan Ladd. She and Jim talk about her career and experiences working with Eli Roth in "Hostel II" and Quentin Tarantino in "Death Proof". Jordan also mentions her work on Robot Chicken and a new project "Brentwood Strangler". Follow her on Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram.

22-Sep-2015 - Cult Pop 63, It's been a while since we had a new show, but this one is worth the wait! The Cult Pop crew attended the 2015 Fall Motor City Nightmares. Jim Hall managed to catch up with some great guests. First he interviews actor Scout Taylor-Compton, whose credits include rolls in ""Halloween I" and "Halloween II". And a stellar portrayal of bassist Lita Ford in the movie "The Runaways". Catch up with her on Instagram and Twitter .

Next Tyler Mane came by. He and Jim chat about his career, including his rolls in "X-Men", "Halloween", and "Troy" to name a few. Tyler tells the story of how he landed the roll of Sabretooth in "X-Men" and his take on the Michael roll in "Halloween". He also discusses his production company, Mane Entertainment which produced the film "Compound Fracture" which is available on his web site. Look for him on Facebook and Twitter and his production company also on Facebook and Twitter.

In keeping with the upcoming Halloween season we next talk to Tracy Noe, lead makeup artist at Dark Legacy Haunted Attraction Tracy lets Jim know what it takes to put together a world class haunted attraction. He also explains that it consists of three separate sections that are traversed one after another. We show a clip of part of the haunt too. It opens on this coming Friday, (as this is written) September 25th. Anyone in the greater Detroit area should check it out.

Last, but not least we have Todd Brunswick, one half of the team that is responsible for MCN. He explains that the Fall convention compliments the one in the Spring with different celebrities and other attractions. Also we learned that the information about the Spring convention will be available in October. Todd also tells Jim about his upcoming movie "Mr Jingles All The Way" that he will start shooting in the Fall. Tommy and Todd are great hosts and we here at Cult Pop would like to thank them for their hospitality.

We had a great time and look for more to come soon.

4-Mar-2015 - Cult Pop 62, Cult Pop starts the new year off with part one of Jim Hall's two visits to the 2014 Motorcity Comicon. First he interviews Ernie Hudson star of such iconic films as "Ghost Busters", "The Crow", and the HBO series "Oz". Check him out on Facebook and Twitter.

Next up is actor "Jason Momoa". aka "Kahl Drogo" on the wildly popular HBO series "Game of Thrones". Look for him in the future as Aqua Man in the upcoming "Justice League" movie. Also, look for his new movie, " Road to Paloma ". Check out his Facebook and Twitter.

Enough with the actors, let's see what Jim finds out from illustrator Bill Sienkiewicz. They chat about his work in the Marvel universe and what he is working on currently. His Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, illustrator/writer Billy Tucci is up. He tells Jim about his book "A Child is Born". and "Sgt Rock, The Lost Battalion". Check out the show for more interesting stuff from him. As always, Facebook and Twitter

5-Nov-2014 - Cult Pop 61, This episode Jim Hall interviews two authors. First we caught up with science fiction writer Tobias Buckell at GenreCon in Livonia Michigan. They discuss his latest book, "Hurricane Fever". Since he was from the Caribbean, he wanted to use that area as more than a backdrop to the story. He then reveals that the books in the Xenowealth Series are being re-released in trade paperback versions. Be sure to look for him on Twitter and sign up for his newsletter .

In episode 58 Jim interviewed Cherie Priest at Confusion 2014. She gave us the scoop of her newest novel, "Maplecroft". The first book of the Borden Dispatches, which she describes as "a love letter to Dracula via Lovecraft". Truly frightening! Look for her on Facebook and Twitter

9-Aug-2014 - Cult Pop 60, we continue with the second show from the annual Motor City Nightmares Horror Expo, with actor Lew Temple. Lew is best known for his role as Axel in the popular TV show "The Walking Dead". He talks about that role and some of the others in his career. (My favorite role of his is Ned Oldham in "Unstoppable" - J.) Look for him on Facebook, Twitter, and IMDB.

Next Jim chats with director/producer and co-organizer of Motor City Nightmares Horror Expo, Tommy Brunswick about what it takes to orginize the show, and lists some of this years attendees. Be sure to check out ongoing events on their Facebook page.

15-May-2014 - Cult Pop 59, It's that time again. Cult Pop is at the 2014 Motor City Nightmares Horror Expo! And Jim Hall manages to interview actor extraordinaire, Tom Noonan! His body of work includes the movies: "The Man with One Red Shoe", Manhunter", "The Monster Squad", "RoboCop 2", "Last Action Hero", and "Heat" just to name a few. He also has appeared on Television in: "Hell on Wheels", "The Blacklist", "Bad Karma", "Law and Order", and others. Lately he was involved in a play showing at the Paradise Factory in New York. Tom and Jim talk about some of his acting experiences and about what his feelings are about attending a movie convention. He is truly a thoughtful and intelligent person.

5-Feb-2014 - Cult Pop 58, Jim Hall starts off the new year with a Cult Pop regular, author Cherie Priest, with her fifth appearance on Cult Pop. They discuss the latest installment of The Clockwork Century body of work, "Fiddlehead". Cherie gives a synopsis of the story arc, starting with "Boneshaker" thru "Fiddlehead".
She gave Jim some exciting news. There will be another installment to The Clockwork Century from Subterranean Press due out later this year titled "Jacaranda". She then told him about another new work coming out this year called "Maplecroft", a gothic epistolary novel about a woman chasing down arcane science for answers. Cult Pop will have an interview with her after it is released - stay tuned!

31-Dec-2013 - Cult Pop 57, Jim Hall closes out 2013 with the fourth interview with thriller writer Jeff Carlson, who discusses his latest novel "Interrupt". Jeff discusses in detail what was involved in writing it and the reaction of the fans. We at Cult Pop highly recommend it, but be advised that this one takes some effort on the reader's part. Definitely a great end to the year! All the best in the new year from Jim and Jerry!

1-October-2013 - Cult Pop 56, The last (but not least) show from the 2013 Motor City Nightmares Horror Expo! This is an all glamour episode. First Jim interviews Danielle Harris, actor and now director. They discuss her directorial debut, "Among Friends". She also tells Jim about her upcoming movie rolls in, "Hatchet III", "Shiver", "Ghost of Goodnight Lane", among others. She also tells about her new website Horror Gal that she call a "virtual convention". Watch the show to get details. Be sure to check her out on Twitter and Facebook.
Next Jim chats with actor "Amanda Wyss". They discuss her rolls in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High", "A Nightmare on Elm Street", "Better Off Dead", and how fans react to here at the convention. She lets on the secret that she does not like to be scared, but enjoys the process of making scary movies. Finally she tells about things coming up in the future. Check out her Twitter and Facebook pages. Like I said, a real glamour episode!!

27-August-2013 - Cult Pop 55, More from the 2013 Motor City Nightmares Horror Expo! This time Jim gets to talk with Todd and Tommy Brunswick, the folks behind MCN. They talk a bit about what it is like to put on the show, and let him know about their Halloween Monster Bash at the Novi Sheraton on October 25, 2013. As always there is the Thursday Fright Night Double Feature at the Emagine Theater in Canton.
Keeping with the Halloween theme Marcell Marcolina, charter member of the "Motor City Haunt Club", fills Jim in about what the club is and what it does. Including the Haunted Garage Sale coming up September 7, 2013 - a one stop shopping center for all your Halloween needs!
Finally, Jim chats with artist Don England a Cult Pop veteran. Don discusses some of his works and the artists who most influenced him. Be sure to check out his website!

2-June-2013 - Cult Pop 54, More good stuff from the 2013 Motor City Nightmares Horror Expo! Jim gets to talk with Dee Wallace and her daughter Gabrielle Stone. They discuss her new movie, "The Lords of Salem", and her experience at the Expo.
Next, Gabrielle and director Roze talk with Jim about their new movie, "Speak No Evil". Including the exciting news that there will be a red carpet event this Friday, June 7th at 7PM! Check the link for more info.
Last, Jim chats with artist Ray Kukurka. Ray discusses his influences and how to acquire his work.

9-May-2013 - Cult Pop 53, Tommy and Todd Brunswick were kind enough to invite the Cult Pop crew to the 2013 Motor City Nightmares Horror Expo and Film Festival and we hit the jackpot! Jim Hall interviewed one of the stars of the popular TV show "The Walking Dead", Michael Rooker. The actor who portrays the lovable Merle Dixon! Michael talks about his early career and what it is like to work on the show.
Next Jim chats with Gary Jones director of such films as "Mosquito", "Spiders", and his latest "Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan". Gary tells Jim about the first two movies and discusses how he turns a hero character, Paul Bunyan, into a monster. Very cool to get some inside information about movie making.
Stay tuned - we have more great interviews in the coming shows.

18-April-2013 - Cult Pop 52, Cult Pop celebrates tax day by interviewing Mary G. Thompson who enters the YA science fiction world with two novels, "Wuftoom", and the soon to be released, "Escape From the Pipemen". She talks about YA, the novels, and her inspiration for writing them. A new author who merits watching in the future!

14-Februrary-2013 - Cult Pop 51, Cult Pop starts off the new year with a favorite author who comes back for his third interview. Jeff Carlson returns to talk about his new novel, "The Frozen Sky" which is based on his short story of the same name. He expands upon the goings on on Jupiter's moon, Europa. And goes into more detail about the political dealings between the EU the US and the Chinese factions who are interested in mining deuterium from the ice found there. This a first contact story of the first order. His aliens are truly that! Not just odd manifistations of the human form. This has all of the components of a sci-fi thriller. Also there are interesting illustrations in the book by Jeff Sierzenga and Jacob Charles Dietz.

25-November-2012 - Cult Pop 50, Cult Pop has reached a landmark! This is our 50th show! Jim Hall interviews artist and author Carl Lundgren at our satellite studio in Garden City, Michigan. He has many interesting stories about the Grande Ballroom and the 60's rock scene. They discuss their favorite posters, and Carl's new book "Rock Posters of the Psychedelic Era". Fans of CP may remember that Jim interviewed (episode 12) him at the 2008 Confusion Science Fiction Convention.

In other news, Cult Pop now has a Facebook page. Please check it out and "like" us either here or there.

25-September-2012 - Another new look for Cult Pop! We have been busy making the shows available on smart phones and tablets. IE users: be sure to allow ActiveX content if asked....

29-June-2012 - Cult Pop 49, Cult Pop now has a new look! From now on all shows will be shown in widescreen format! All the previous shows have been re-ecoded to display properly in the 16 by 9 player. We are quite excited about this!

Jim Hall and the crew attended the World Steam Expo in Dearborn Michigan. We ran into the Confabulation of Gentry a musical group that was somehow transported from 1912 to the present day. Prof. Milo R. Pinkerton is the grandfather of Milo T. Pinkerton III who we interviewed some years back. Milo senior is quite an interesting fellow, not to mention his musical group. Next we went to the Cult Pop studios to interview science fiction author Jeff Carlson who tells us about his latest work, ""Long Eyes"" , a collection of short stories. Jeff talks about the how and why of this book, and a bit about his "Plague War" series. This is a very cool show!

30-May-2012 - Cult Pop 48, Another year has passed by and Jim Hall visits the 2012 Motor City Nightmares convention. The 2012 version is better than ever with a whole host of stars in attendance, along with scores of exhibiters/vendors. This year Jim gets to chat with actor Sid Haig the creator of the iconic character - "Captain Spaulding". Sid tells Jim about what projects he is working on and a little about his film career. He is not as scarry as the characters he portrays! Next artist Don England stops by to talk about what he is doing. Watch the show to see some of his phenominal artwork! And last, but not least, actor Bill Moseley comes by. He seems to be the direct opposite of characters in his movies. He is most famous for the "Choptop" character that he introduced in "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2". He talks about his acting career and his current project. We didn't know, but he is also a talented musician! Don't miss this one!!

10-Apr-2012 - Cult Pop 47, Jim Hall and the Cult Pop crew catch up with filmmaker Todd Brunswick at the Canton Emagine theatre where he and his wife Tommy host the "Fright Nights Double Feature" every Thursday at 8:00 PM. Todd and Jim talk about what goes on during the movies. Good fun! Next Todd tells Jim about the Motor City Nightmares horror convention that is coming up April 27th. Kane Hodder, Tony Todd, Sid Haig, and Dee Wallace are just a few of the stars that will be there along with many interesting vendors. CP was there last year (episode 43) and it was just amazing! CP is planning to attend and will have interviews coming in future shows. Finally they fill us in on the new "Monsters of Carnage" movie series. Todd and Tommy are using the Kickstarter website to help fund it. Also check it out on facebook for more info.

27-Jan-2012 - Cult Pop 46, Jim Hall and Cult Pop start off the new year with a visit to the 2012 Confusion where he gets to chat with one of Cult Pop's favorite authors, Tobias Buckell. Tobias tells us about his latest novel "Arctic Rising" which he describes as a near future techno-thriller about the fight for resources under the melted ice caps. Look for it at the end of February. "Tides From the New Worlds" is a collection of his short stories that have been published in a variety of venues. A definite must read for fans of all things Buckell! He also tells about his book "Nascence", which contains 17 "failed" short stories and details why they failed and what he learned writing and re-writing them. Tobias also tells Jim how he used Kickstarter to finance the next novel in the "Crystal Rain" series, "Apocalypse Ocean".

26-Dec-2011 - Cult Pop 45, Christmas is over and Cult Pop has another show. Previous guests Jeff and Ann Vandermeer are interviewed about their latest works, "The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities", "The Weird" and "The Steampunk Bible". Jeff tells us about his involvement with Shared Worlds, a fantasy writing camp held at Wofford College. As if this were not enough Jim talks about friend of the show John K. Snyder III who was interviewed previously. Episode 45 ends with some artwork that John has done for IDW Publishing's "Infestation" and "Duke Nukem" comics.

15-Oct-2011 -Cult Pop 44, The Halloween Special 2011. Cult Pop is in the Halloween spirit with two new interviews. The first is with author/musician Barry Brickey, the author of the fact based fiction novel "The Silence". Barry discusses the novel and his experiences at a real haunted house here in southeastern Michigan. His recollections and those of his friends and family are chilling. A must read for horror fans. Jim Hall then visits Scary Scott's Haunted House, the lair of Dr. Chopper. Jim interviews Marcell Marcolina (aka Dr. Chopper, and member of the Motor City Haunt Club) about the haunted house. Marcell tells Jim about what goes on at the Haunt Club meetings and information about other Halloween happenings. Watch the show, and don't get too scared!!

5-Aug-2011 -Cult Pop 43, "I've got to be honest with you guys, in six plus years of doing the show I think this might be my favorite." So says Jim Hall after he and the Cult Pop crew (Jerry) go to the Motor City Nightmares horror convention put on by Todd and Tommy Brunswick. (See show #38.) First off Jim chatted with Tommy Brunswick about the convention and her career as a Michigan based movie director/producer. Next Jim got a chance to interview Dee Wallace, star of "ET", "Cujo", "The Howling", and recently on "Detroit 187". She discusses her career and her new book "Bright Light" which chronicles journey through life. He then follows with Danielle Harris star of "Hatchet", Rob Zombie's "Halloween" and "Halloween II", along with her newest movie, "Stakeland". She discusses what it is like to attend a convention and gives a hint about the possibility of new movie. Follow her on Twitter. Last, but not least, the "Candyman" Tony Todd stops by. As intimidating as he is on the screen, he couldn't have been nicer in person. They talk about "The Event" TV series, "Hatchet II", and his new movie "Sushi Girl" This show is a definite watch for horror fans, and be sure to save the dates April 27-29, 2012 for next year's convention.

19-May-2011 -Cult Pop 42, Jim Hall interviews author Cherie Priest who is appearing on Cult Pop for the fourth time. They discuss her new novel "Bloodshot" along with her other new release "Hellbent". She also talks about The Clockwork Century website which describes an alternate-history world where many of her books and short stories can be found. Watch this one and see why we had her on the show 4 times!

9-April-2011 -Cult Pop 41, Jim Hall interviews artist/author John K Snyder III. John is a well known illustrator of comics and graphic novels. His work spans covers for DC comics' "Green Lantern", Dark Horse comics' "Grendel" and others. He discusses his latest work with IDW Publishing which includes covers for "Star Trek", "Ghost Busters", "Transformers", "GI Joe" and "Infestation 1 and 2". John's work is available at Anthony's Collectables. Jim then gives an update on what is coming up in the next few months on Cult Pop. Anyone with an interest in comics/graphic novels should not miss this one!

9-March-2011 -Cult Pop 40, Jim Hall tracks down author and friend of the show (shows #21 and #4) Brad Meltzer at the Birmingham Borders and talks to him about his newest novel "The Inner Circle". Brad also discusses his inspiration for the novel "Heroes for My Son". Although a well known author, Brad is now hosting a nationally televised show that appears on the History Channel, Brad Meltzer's Decoded which investigates the secret history of the symbols and codes that surround us. This is one of Cult Pop's best!

27-January-2011 -Cult Pop 39, With the holidays over and a new year starting Jim Hall is making more phone calls. First he contacts author David J. Williams about his "Autumn Rain" Trilogy. An action SciFi story about terrorism a hundred years from now. If you are a fan of hard SciFi you will love "Autumn Rain". Author/graphic artist Stefan Bucher is a friend of the show (see show #16) who has a new book out - "The Graphic Eye" which is a collection of photos taken by graphic artists from around the world. It contains a wide variety of photos ranging from landscapes to people in chicken suits. Stefan still has the Daily Monster site (a favorite of mine - Jerry) which is a lot of fun. Be sure to take a look at both these authors works.

20-October-2010 -Cult Pop 38, With Halloween nearly upon us Jim Hall rounds up Todd and Tommy Brunswick at Grace and Wild Studios in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Todd and Tommy are a husband and wife team who produce horror movies here in southeastern Michigan. They discuss their latest project, a feature length documentary based on the Father Gallagher tapes, and some of their earlier releases. We get to see clips from " Jingles the Clown", "They Must Eat", and "Born of Earth". Todd and Tommy also host a yearly convention and weekly movie screenings throughout the year. Cult Pop was truly lucky to get to interview them. Check out all of their titles at R Squared Films

23-August-2010 -Cult Pop 37, Jim Hall calls author and artist Bob Fingerman and they discuss Bob's latest writing effort "Pariah", a no holds barred zombie novel. If you like zombies, you will love this one. They also talk about his graphic novel, which Bob describes as a "speculative memoir", "From the Ashes". The discussion continues with Bob's thoughts on the novella "Connective Tissue", novel "Bottom Feeder", and his work on "Cracked" magazine. Definitely an interesting interview. Next, Jim talks about Cult Pop contributor Mike Wooley and his latest musical efforts with the group Dreamgaze. Their latest music video "Wasteland" from their debut album "Sound Color" is shown.

21-July-2010 -Cult Pop 36, Jim Hall visits the 2010 Penguicon. John Scalzi stops by to talk about his new Nebula and Hugo nominated novella "The God Engines" Also, he tells how he came about to write "Fuzzy Nation", a "reboot" of H. Beam Piper's 1962 science fiction novel "Little Fuzzy" and his work as creative consultant for "Stargate Universe". Author Cherie Priest discusses her succesful book "Boneshaker", which along with being nominated for the Nebula and Hugo awards, did win the 2010 Locus award. Congratulations to her from Cult Pop! Cherie and Jim talk about her new novella, "Clementine", and the upcoming release, "Dreadnought". She also discusses her interest in "Steampunk", past and future. Look for her new website the The Clockwork Century an alternate-history world setting she created. Lastly, Friend of the show Tobias Buckell comes by to discuss his future novels "The All Tree" and "Arctic Rising" and his collection of short stories "Tides From The New Worlds" which is out now.

New! 15-May-2010 -Cult Pop 35, After some more time off Cult Pop and Jim Hall are going international! Jim called fantasy author Stephen Deas in London, England to discuss his latest novel, "The Adamantine Palace", a novel about Kings, Queens, knights and dragons. But these are not the friendly dragons found in a Disney movie. They are "Thirty tons of lightning-fast, fire-breathing terror". Don't miss this fast-paced, exciting read. Back here in the States Mark Terry, an old friend of the show comes to visit. His newest novel, "The Fallen", has one of our favorite characters, Derek Stillwater. This time Dr. Stillwater has to save the G8 Summit from disaster. This one will definitely keep you up all night.

15-January-2010 -Cult Pop 34, Cult Pop and Jim Hall took December off and are starting off the new year with two new interviews. First, is friend of the show and Hugo winner John Scalzi interviewed at the 2009 Penguicon. John discusses his newest novel, "Zoe's Tale", which was nominated for Best Novel Hugo and "METAtropolis" also nominated for a Hugo in the Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form catagory. As the creative consultant for "Stargate Universe" he tells Jim what that entails. Also is a phone interview with Jim Hines whom we missed at Penguicon. Find out about his newest offerings in the Princess series, "The Stepsister Scheme", and "The Mermaid's Madness", and coming out in July "Redhood's Revenge". Also, there is some information about his short story work.

13-November-2009 -Cult Pop 33, Cult Pop's offering this Friday the 13th is Jim Hall's interview with Brom about his illustrated book "The Child Thief", which is a somewhat darker re-telling of the Peter Pan story. He also discusses his other books, "The Devil's Rose" and "The Plucker". Brom tells Jim about his background and what influences his writing and art.

29-September-2009 -Cult Pop 32, Jim Hall catches up with Marcus Sakey for a third time. Marcus discusses his fourth novel - "The Amateurs". Marcus also talks about what it means to have his novels optioned for movies. He tells Jim about the The Outfit, a site where authors of crime fiction discuss writing, ideas, and current events.

20-August-2009 -Cult Pop 31, Jeff Carlson chats via phone to Jim Hall of Cult Pop. Jeff follows up his novel "Plague Year" with the second of three installments - "Plague War". A novel set in the near future which tells the story of Cam and Ruth as they struggle to reverse the plague that has been unleashed upon the earth. This one hits close to home! Don't miss it!

6-July-2009 -Cult Pop 30, Jim Hall gets a dream interview with Elmore Leonard author of western and crime novels including "Hombre", "the Big Bounce", "Valdez is Coming", "Mr. Majestyk", "Fifty-Two Pickup", "Stick", "Glitz", "Kill Shot", Get Shorty", and "Out of Sight" just to name a few. They talk about his latest Jack Foley novel, "Road Dogs". Mr. Leonard tells about his creative process and which of his 43 novels are his favorites. If you like crime novels Elmore Leonard books are the place to start!

26-May-2009 -Cult Pop 29, The Cult Pop crew visits the 2009 Penguicon and interviews author Cherie Priest (see show #18) who talks about her novels "Fathom" and "Those Who Went Remain There Still" along with her "Eden Moore" series. She also gives a quick synopsis of her brand new novel "Boneshaker" to be available around Halloween. She is truly a Cult Pop favorite!

16-Apr-2009 -Cult Pop 28, Reprising and earlier show, Jim Hall interviews Jeff VanderMeer about his new book "Predator: South China Sea". Jeff talks about what it takes to write a story that has to fit into a known universe. He also discusses his earlier work "Shriek: An Afterward" that has been re-released as a special edition. Then Jim brings Jeff's wife Ann on the show to talk about the fantasy fiction magazine "Weird Tales" where she is the fiction editor. The show finishes with both Ann and Jeff discussing the short story anthologies that they have co-edited.

9-Mar-2009 -Cult Pop 27, Cult Pop gets back to science fiction. Jim Hall interviews J. P. Frantz and John DeNardo, the duo behind SFSignal, a web site devoted to all things science fiction (and a Cult Pop supporter). They discuss details of how the site is maintained and opinions about current science fiction movies and television shows. Be sure to give their web site a look.

2-Febuary-2009 -Cult Pop 26, Jim Hall interviews Marcus Sakey and Sean Chercover two great crime novel authors. Marcus returns (Cult Pop #9) and talks about his new novel, "Good People", the third novel after "The Blade Itself", and "At The City's Edge". He discusses the story, and the plans for a future movie based on "The Blade Itself". Sean in his first Cult Pop interview discusses his second novel "Trigger City" which is the second time Ray Dudgeon, a Chicago PI, appears. He tells Jim about this novel, and his background as a private investigator and how it influences his writing. His first novel "Big City, Bad Blood" has won numerous awards, including the Shamus and the Gumshoe. Look for both of them on The Outfit Blog . Don't miss this episode!

13-January-2009 -Cult Pop 25, Cult Pop starts the new year with part 2 of the 2008 Comicon. This starts off with Gregory Itzin, President Charles Logan from the TV show "24", Tom Sullivan, special effects artist noted for the films "Evil Dead"and "Army of Darkness", actor Ami Dolenz star of the movies "Witchboard 2", "Pumpkinhead", "Can't Buy Me Love", David Petersen, creator of "Mouse Guard", Al Feldstein, artist and editor of EC Comics' "Tales From the Crypt" and "Mad Magazine", and artist/painter Arthur Suydam, of "Marvel Zombies" fame. Also, for those with high speed DSL or cable modems view this show in Hi Def!!

19-December-2008 -Cult Pop 24, Earlier this year Cult Pop and Jim Hall visited the 2008 Comicon. He interviewed so many interesting people that we will have two shows. This is the first one where Jim interviews Erik Estrada, Ponch, from "CHIPs", Lou Ferrigno, the Hulk from the TV show of the same name, Cliff Simon "Ba'al" from "Stargate SG1", The Ghoul, one of our favorite guests, and finally Walter Koenig, "Checkov" from the original "Star Trek" TV series. Also, for those with high speed DSL or cable modems view this show in Hi Def!!

13-November-2008 -Cult Pop 23, Author Tobias Buckell talks to Jim Hall about his latest novel "Sly Mongoose" the third in the "Crystal Rain" series. He also tells how he came to write "The Cole Protocol" a novel set in the Halo game universe. Also featured is his short story collection "Tides From The New Worlds" available from Wyrm Publishing. Lastly Tobias tells about the original audio anthology " METAtropolis" that came out last month. This is a must see interview!

20-October-2008 -Cult Pop 22, Bram Stoker award winning horror author Sarah Langan is interviewed over the phone by Jim Hall. She discusses her new novel "The Missing" and what it meant to her to win the Stoker. Brad Meltzer then talks about his comic book work.

15-September-2008 -Cult Pop 21, New York Times bestselling author Brad Meltzer talks to Jim Hall about his new novel "The Book of Lies". He also discusses his Eisner award winning comic offerings and his efforts to save the home where the Superman comic was originated in this revealing interview.

13-August-2008 -Cult Pop 20, Jim Hall and Cult Pop score again! John Scalzi just won a Hugo for Best Fan Writer! Watch the last interview from the 2008 Penguicon with John Scalzi author of the new novel "Zoe's Tale". He discusses his past novels and his non-fiction offerings.

15-July-2008 -Cult Pop 19, more from the 2008 Penguicon. In the second of three shows Jim Hall interviews Matt Arnold 2008 Penguicon's Minister of Communication and next year's convention chairman. He discusses the activities that were there this year and what is coming up next year during Penguicon 7.0. A big thank you to Matt from Cult Pop for all his help this year and in years past. Also interviewed is science fiction legend and multiple Hugo Award winning author Vernor Vinge. Author of "True Names", and Hugo Award winning novels "A Fire Upon the Deep", "A Deepness in the Sky", and "Rainbows End". A must see interview.

19-Jun-2008 -Cult Pop 18, the Cult Pop crew visits the 2008 Penguicon and got to chat with some of our favorite authors. In the first of three shows Jim Hall interviews Jim Hines author of the Goblin series of books. He next talks to gothic horror/fantasy author Cherie Priest and they discuss her Eden Moore book series.

30-May-2008 -Cult Pop 17, Jim Hall calls The Consortium of Genius in New Orleans and nearly gets more than he asked for. He talks to Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III, Dr. Harry A. Rachnid, and Dr. Z, three mad scientists that are bent on taking over the world. Bow to the COG! Long may the COG rule!........

10-May-2008 -Cult Pop 16, Jim Hall is still on the phone. He calls Ben Tanzer in Chicago, author of " Lucky Man" a coming of age novel that Jim compares to Stephen King's "Stand by Me". Next he calls author/artist Stefan Bucher in Los Angeles, author of "100 Days of Monsters" an unusual book that contains his drawings of monsters along with stories submitted by people who viewed them on his web site.

16-April-2008 -Cult Pop 15, something to take your mind of income taxes! Jim Hall is on the phone again! He calls Lauren Groff in Florida, author of " Monsters of Templeton" a novel set in Cooperstown New York. Being a man of the world he then calls Corey Redekop in Manitoba, Canada, author of "Shelf Monkey" a witty story that any book lover would enjoy.

7-March-2008 -Cult Pop 14, an all art special. Jim Hall interviews artist Nina Friday at Wyandotte's River's Edge Gallery , Cult Pop's own Mike Wooley at A to Z Comics in Garden City, Michigan, and visits with George McVey and Michael Marcus the Hamtramck Idea Men in Hamtramck, Michigan.

27-February-2008 - Listen to Jim Hall and Jerry Jesion interviewed live by Jevon Ryan and Irma Arkus of HiSciHi on Friday, February 29 at 5:30 PST (8:30 EST). Just click here to listen live (may need to install additional software) or here (IE 7 or FireFox required) to listen if you miss the live broadcast.

6-February-2008 - Cult Pop 13, more from this year's Confusion. Jim Hall gets to talk to husband and wife authors Scott Westerfeld and Justine Larbalestier. They discuss the emergence of young adult science fiction and their contributions to this new genre.

24-January-2008 - Cult Pop 12, Jim Hall visits Confusion and interviews author Tobias Buckell and artist Carl Lundgren. Tobias discusses his upcoming novel "Sly Mongoose" and the video he made about it. (Cult Pop's own Mike Wooley composed the music!) He also tells about his short stories and more. Artist Carl Lundgren describes his creative process and his career as a rock and science fiction artist.

19-November-2007 - Cult Pop 11, Jim Hall goes to Hell (Michigan that is) and is Mayor for a day. Also included are interviews with artist Audrey Pongracz and author Susan Goodwill.

8-November-2007 - Cult Pop 10, Jim Hall interviews Jeff VanderMeer, author of "City of Saints and Madmen", "Shriek: An Afterword", and "Veniss Underground". He has also edited the anthologies "Best American Fantasy 2007", "The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric & Discredited Diseases" and "Leviathan 3". Jeff is located in Florida, and we interviewed him via phone.

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